K65 CREW: Granny takes over streetart



is the name for senior graffiti groups and activities founded and organized by Veera Jalava since 2009 in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The concept implies that the cultural activities today should not be divided into sections by age and you are never too old to learn new things. The main purpose is to fight prejudices, to develop old peoples´ ability to read the urban environment and to give them more possibilities to participate in society. K65 Concept gives an alternative for the stereotypical picture of old people and the stereotypical image of street-art.

K65 Workshops are characterized by a curious, playful and open approach to each project based on thorough research. Activities are customized to accommodate the interests of each of the participants attending and can also be customized to address age appropriate factors such as physical limitations. The workshops have been brought to Norway with a support of  FINNO (Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute) 2011 and to Sweden with a support of Art of the Streets and NoA – Norrtälje Ateljéförening 2012. K65 CREW is a registered arts educational trademark.